Twenty years ago, I was busy checking all the “success” boxes: money, family, career achievements, houses and stuff. But on the inside, I desperately wanted to find a more meaningful and fulfilling definition of success. I was struggling with anxiety, not living my truth, unhappy and emotionally unhealthy, and I wanted to write a better story for my life than the version I was experiencing.

I wanted more.

I knew I was richly blessed by God with family and friends, health, intellect, creativity, education, and financial success, but the emphasis on money as the yardstick for life success was creating dissonance in my soul. What was I trying to accomplish and why? Where was I hoping all this striving would take me? I remember telling myself: John, you are going to be 50 years old in no time, and either you can continue to let life happen to you, or you can consciously define your ideal outcome and courageously step towards that picture in faith, treating life like the adventure it is!

I wanted anything and all things to be possible in my version of adventure. If it was going to be risky, I didn’t want to be constrained by someone else’s definition of success or happiness. I wanted a life of meaning and purpose, and I didn’t want to look back with regrets.

This was my new definition of “having it all”.

As a self-proclaimed high-achiever with fifteen years of experience in the financial services industry, I decided that starting a wealth management firm from scratch, with three kids in private school and a brand-new house, was somehow a smart idea. Oh, to be young! Regardless, I felt a calling toward entrepreneurship, a role where I could integrate all the desired components of my life on my terms, like the colors on a painter’s canvas.

Almost two decades later, Highland Private Wealth Management has become a premiere wealth advisory firm in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve had the privilege of advising very successful wealth creators on a complex financial life issues and been a trusted confidant in their quest to have an abundant and fulfilling life.

My calling continues to evolve, and I want to share what I’ve learned about the importance of creating true wealth, the kind that leads to flourishing of the human spirit. I feel uniquely qualified to help others live fully, thanks to my own introspective journey, the deep well of wealth advisory experiences that have shaped me, and my innate gifts. I’m part financial expert and part coach; part spreadsheets and part inspiration; part knowledge and part love.

Where money intersects with real life, you’ll find me ready and willing to jump into a conversation with you.

The Wealth Confidant Podcast, articles, and books are aimed at supporting current and aspiring wealth creators along this journey, inspiring and encouraging you to re-define success and step consciously towards a richer experience. My deepest hope is that these resources will provide you with a safe community to discuss important issues and concerns, discover practical wisdom and tools that will inform your decisions, and encouragement to reach for the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email, or social media, if you have any questions or need my perspective on an issue you are facing. I’d love to be a support to you.

Living Fully,